Domain believes in the power of partnerships to leverage investments and build portfolio companies. In a recent initiative, we created an unprecedented collaboration with Rusnano.

Domain's Russia Investments

Rusnano is an investment group wholly owned by the Russian government. Domain has pioneered a collaboration that allows Rusnano capital to be invested into Domain portfolio companies in exchange for Russian rights to underlying intellectual property (IP), which are placed in a Russian entity, named NovaMedica.  This collaboration provides a unique source of financial support for Domain’s portfolio companies.  Domain, through its portfolio company DRI Holdings Limited, is also an investor in NovaMedica, which aggregates and develops the Russian IP to provide an entre into a rapidly growing market with local partner support.

"The partnership with Domain will make a strong contribution toward driving innovation in the Russian pharmaceutical industry. At present, Rusnano's portfolio has approximately 20 percent of its holdings in projects to spur the development of advanced medical technologies for the people of the Russian Federation." 

— Anatoly Chubais, chief executive of Rusnano and architect of Russia's post-Soviet privatizations

As part of the $760 million collaboration between Domain and Rusnano, a new pharmaceutical company, called NovaMedica, was established in 2012. NovaMedica was formed specifically to develop, market and commercialize the innovative next-generation products from the collaboration in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). NovaMedica expects to build a portfolio of relevant solutions to patient unmet needs across the spectrum of the largest and fastest growing therapeutic areas in Russia and the CIS, covering the entire therapeutic lifecycle from diagnostics and prevention to the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. Visit NovaMedica’s website.

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