Domain continues to find innovative partnerships to bring forward technologies and products, and to create investment opportunities. To explore potential opportunities in the most rapidly growing market in the world, Domain has partnered with Eddingpharm and Beijing Elite to bring Western innovations to the Chinese healthcare market.

Domain's China Investments

Domain’s first investment in China was Eddingpharm, a leading pharmaceuticals marketing company in the fast growing China healthcare market. Eddingpharm focuses on in-licensing, marketing and distributing hospital pharmaceutical products in areas including: nutrition, oncology, respiratory, nephrology, and anti-infectives.  Domain is helping Eddingpharm source products from the Western companies in Domain’s network.

Domain Elite
Domain and Beijing Elite, a Beijing-based healthcare consulting firm, have teamed to identify areas of market need in China (outside of Eddingpharm’s areas of focus) that can be fulfilled with existing technology from Western markets.  Domain works with Beijing Elite to license such technologies and establish life sciences businesses to develop and market these technologies in China.  In so doing, Domain is creating it’s own investment opportunities in the Chinese market.

“After spending considerable time in China, we saw an opportunity to create exciting investment opportunities by combining our deep networks into Western innovative companies with Chinese entities seeking to bring innovation to the Chinese healthcare markets.”

-   Brian Halak, Partner

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